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Southern Spars Press Release: Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race

The countdown has started…

In seven days 82 boats will line up to start one of the most iconic yacht races - the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race.

Southern Spars would like to wish every yacht racing ‘fast and safe sailing’.

Could this be the year that sets a new speed record for the race?

The pedigree of entrants is outstanding and when there are three Maxis racing each other, anything’s possible. Two of these have been ‘super-rigged’ with the latest designs by Southern - Wild Oats XI and City Index Leopard 3.

The 2006 line honours winner, Wild Oats XI, is using a new ultra high modulus hybrid mast that sheds 80kgs off its previous rig. After dismasting from a suspected rigging failure earlier in the year, Wild Oats XI is now using EC6+ carbon rigging – a continuous rigging structure that is free of any external fittings.

2007 Fastnet winner and record holder, City Index Leopard, is supercharged with the longest mast autoclaved in one piece by Southern, a 47m high modulus carbon mast.

Also powered by Southern Spars are; IRC 55 Yendys and STP65 Rosebud, both proven performers.

Launched in 2006, Yendys wasted no time to notch up some outstanding performances, winning this year’s IRC Racing division at the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week and placing 2nd in division in last year’s Rolex Trophy. It sports a 27.11M high modulus carbon fibre mast.

Touted by many as ‘being at the cutting edge of fixed keel boats’, Rosebud’s rig package is the complete carbon combo: a 30.2M high modulus carbon fibre mast, rigged with EC6+ rigging. For Rosebud’s inaugural race, the 2007 Transpac, she recorded the shortest elapsed time for boats under 73ft and finished 3rd in division.

For Maximus, who has withdrawn due to unfortunate circumstances, this would have been its first race with a new conventional rig, designed and built by Southern and rigged with EC6+ continuous carbon rigging. Its day will come.

This is going to be one true battle among many Champions!


Southern Spars Team

EC6+ carbon rigging is produced by Composite Rigging, a division of Southern Spars.

For the low-down on the race visit: or the rigs of these yachts

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